myob: irreconcilable differences and other sTORIES

The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St., Phila., PA

Wednesday, September 18  @ 7PM
Friday, September 20  @ 7PM

These are stories that matter...

Denise McCormack  hits the mark running to spin out personal, traditional, and  mildly adapted literary tales that  shine a light on the little things that move us to action... 

This one-woman show spins out true and personal stories alongside mildly adapted literary tales, including The Story of an Hour and A Pair of Silk Stockings, and traditional folktales bearing the winsome Cinderella motif but straying far from the path to bring added depth to the human dynamic and social issues. 

Altogether, this cache of great tales illustrates shared experience in a subversive culture that we are often blind to, and they can help guide us to conversation, understanding, and change.

Category: Adult, Solo; Performing Arts, Literary, Theater, Storytelling

Content Warning: None

This  event is part of Free Fringe Philly.  Admission is free to remove financial barriers that might impede attendance.   Please join us.

Wednesday, September 18

Friday, September 20

7 PM

The Rotunda . 4014 Walnut Street  .  Philadelphia, PA

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"[Such] Stories still resonate in today's world. Yes, love stories, but not romantic love."

~ J. Reardon

"Well-paced, Aptly emotional, Timely"

~ K. Maurer

"...captivates the audience...a wonderfully unique experience..."

~ K. Sorensen, Center for Art in Wood

"I felt...Iifted into another time and place with nothing more than her voice..."

~ Dr. L. Holt

"A great time! ...Entertaining and well-told."

~ R. Aloysius

"A feast of profound and passionate intensity."

~ R. Withcity

"The portrayal of the written word is both delightful and insightful!"

~ E. Martin

Fantastic! ... I was totally captivated!

~ J. Pesce


More About the Show


MYOB: Mind Your Own Body: Irreconcilable Differences and Other Tales.

Denise McCormack wows with an eclectic mix of thoughtful, poignant, and even mildly disturbing tales in a one-woman story story concert.  Her mission is to gently shed light on ever-present inequality and oppression that is masked by our expectations of a status quo.  Each story delves into the small nuances of the everyday. They are our stories.

Philadelphia, PA – Denise McCormack brings MYOB: Mind Your Own Body, Irreconcilable Differences and Other Tales, her one-woman show of carefully crafted tales, to The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, on Wednesday, September 18 and Friday, September 20, at 7 PM.  Running Time: approx. 90 minutes.  This event is free and open to the public.  For more information, visit: or 


Building on the success of her show Love Stories, which  premiered in 2017 and has since been featured at various local and national venues, McCormack has broadened her tales to include personal stories that segue traditional and literary works.

Each vignette highlights the dynamic nature of relationships and reflects the emotional turmoil that is interwoven in the choices and circumstances of our being, especially those related to women's issues, of autonomy and equality, of motherhood and family, of love and loss.

“The news is continually fraught with stories of women enduring the loss of their own freedoms and choices and never having equal footing in the world.  We work so hard to get through the day to day,  that we sometimes miss it.  For many of us, oppression of has become normalized. If a person doesn't have the right to their own body, what does that say about our society?,” says McCormack, “By sharing these stories, I hope to give all of us a moment to catch our breath and think about what is happening and what we can do.  Stories are my pro-active means to make a difference. ”

According to Katie Sorenson, development and events manager at The Center for Art in Wood, “Denise McCormack approaches each story in detail, breathing life into them in such a way that captivates the audience. It is a wonderfully unique experience, and we highly recommend attending one of Denise McCormack’s performances.” 

McCormack, who has been telling professionally for more than a decade, presents programs throughout the tri-state area, and is deeply committed to sharing the benefits of storytelling in a broad spectrum of applications—from education and community to business, health, and well-being. 

Among her many roles in storytelling, McCormack is the NJ state liaison for the National Storytelling Network, co-chair of the NJ Storytelling Festival, president of the Patchwork Storytelling Guild in Philadelphia, and an active member of various other local and national organizations wherein storytelling plays an integral role.

McCormack's mantra: There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.  To find out more, go to  

Category: Adult, Solo; Performing Arts, Literary, Theater, Storytelling

Content Warning: None


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