A Word About Video and Performances

Video and other two-dimensional representations of real, live storytelling events cannot adequately convey the richness of the experience --or the many styles and stories that are available to meet the needs of  a wide variety of audiences.  

In fact, each performance is unique and variations are indicative of the organic nature of the artform. For practical purposes, additional video of programs--in whole or in part--may be provided upon request for specific purposes.

These are not professional videos.  Rather they are quick capture recordings and posted simply to offer a range of venues, audiences, and stories.

A bit of "The Story of an Hour," a  monumental literary tale from the works of American pre-feminist author Kate Chopin  (1850–1904).  

A snippet of Feathertop told to an adult audience and featured in A Patchwork of Stories for Grownups.

Hateful Flax Spinning -- This traditional tale packs a punch for reflection and as a prompt for conversation, writing, and research.  

Who Fed Those Chickens?

Preschoolers. And their teachers.  Of course, people  of all ages enjoy this  song!  Don't you?!

Once upon a time in a world of itty bitties...

Little Red Riding Hood stands the test of time for lots of fun and offers a strong message that might surprise you.  This is just the tiniest of peeks.  I don't want to give it all away.