Storytelling for Seniors & Mature Adults


Storytelling helps mature adults to develop and keep their sense of well-being.

Whether that means actively listening to a story or creating and sharing stories anew, storytelling promotes the creative processes which are scientifically proven to maintain and strengthen healthy living skills necessary for enhancing the quality of life that we want for ourselves and our loved ones. 


This is personal.

Current research backs storytelling as the best practice in pedagogical (teaching--and learning) philosophy.

In fact, storytelling is the authentic basis of many activities that are instrumental for socialization, including laughter yoga and Timeslips. 

**Storytelling can take people with memory challenges back to a time that they can remember -- the memories are still there and they can talk about them.

Maybe, you'll hear a story that you've never heard before.  Think of what a comfort it is to be able to share, engage, and contribute.


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Workshops are available for staff, too.